Three true things about me and three lies.  
(Hover to find out which are which)

I lied

I have four cats.

I have two, but could

go for two more.

It's true

I was an extra in a

Lil Peep music


I lied

I am from Maryland, but

I'm allergic to shellfish.

As a proud Maryland native, I eat crab at least once a week.

It's true

Mo Money 

Mo Problems was the #1 song

the day

I was born.

Yet I have found the opposite to be more accurate.

I lied

I have a Virgo personality.

Astrology doesn't  determine personality.

It's True

I'm incredibly clumsy.

I dropped seven things on the day I wrote this.

The serious stuff: Copywriter and Small Business Owner who has worked on both the creative, and business side of advertising. Skilled in copywriting, creative thinking, and e-commerce management. Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.F.A in Advertising and Branding with a concentration in Copywriting from Savannah College of Art and Design.

The chill stuff: Experienced pickle eater with a demonstrated history of working well with cats. Skilled in remembering song lyrics, knowing Jeopardy answers, and accidental jar dropping. On track to be the
Gen-Zer with the most minutes spent listening to NPR.